A week after getting to play with excavators, skid steers, and stilts; Polly rolls up her sleeves and helps build a foundation with Armstrong Restoration.  We use the term "help" generously.  It's week four of Let's Get Started with Curtis Lumber watch as Polly lays blocks, makes "mud," and gets bossed around.

Full disclosure, we had no idea what task we were headed for when meeting with Scott and Corey of Armstrong Restoration. Were we restoring classic motorcycles, cars or boats? Nope, it was restoring the foundation to a home. The guys do a wide variety of projects from repairing chimneys, stone walls, roofs, leaky basements and of course building from scratch like additions and remodeling. Today's job site was replacing the foundation at a home where the old stone one had begun crumbling and adding a basement entryway.

To say Polly had her cut out for her would be an understatement. We have a whole new respect for masons and laborers and the work they do not just lifting and toting heavy blocks, but placing them level and  precisely to the inch. It truly is an art requiring both brawn and brains.

Thanks to Scott, Corey, and the Armstrong Restoration crew for letting us invade their work site and teaching us how to lay blocks. Polly slept well that night. Check out the pics and videos below.  And if you have a home improvement project to do, get started with help from Curtis Lumber, we'll even help finish it with a gift card from Curtis Lumber.

Let's Get Started - Armstrong Restoration

Polly learns how to restore the foundation on a home, laying blocks, making cement

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