As spring has progressed, so has Polly's experience in home building and improvement projects. It's another week of Let's Get Started with Curtis Lumber. We're hanging with Jeremy Mazor of Mazor Custom Building on a new home being constructed on East Lake Road in Hamilton.

We learned a couple of new things on this project. Polly assisted with hanging Versetta Stone Siding. It's an economical way to have the look of stone, with the ease of installing siding. The product is durable and there's no masonry work required. Jeremy explained it's installed with an air gap to allow air to cool the siding and the roof of the home and should any moisture get behind the siding, the gap allows it to run out the bottom.

Polly also became proficient at running a screw gun and even conquered a wet saw. But the real lesson came at the end of the day. This was the last thing we did before leaving for our Memorial Day vacation. We learned construction stone and cell phones don't play well together.

Construction Stone VS Cell Phone

To Jeremy and the crew at Mazor Custom Building, thanks for letting us invade your work site for a day and our sincere apologies for it taking nearly three weeks to get the pictures and video off a dead cell phone.

If you have a home improvement project to do, get started with help from Curtis Lumber, or let us help finish it with a gift card from Curtis Lumber. Just share a pic of your project below.

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