Week Three of Let's Get Started takes Polly and Carl over to Rome with No Job Too Small and Curtis Lumber. The crew made Polly get right to work on their latest home demo and renovation job.

No Job Too Small is an independent construction company started in 2006, owned and operated by Eric Roux. Like their name says, there is no job too big or small for his crew to handle. But even on a hot day like Friday, they won't complain getting an extra hand from Polly.


This week's project in Rome was different than the ones before. Eric and his team are tasked with revitalizing this house and the garage attached. They are going to rip the siding and shingles off the entire home and replace it to look brand new. No Job Too Small also completely ripped the roof of the garage to add an extension above and behind.

What did Polly do? Just about everything. She started by ripping siding off the front of the house, even though she used her tools backwards. Polly then went into the new garage, put together a frame with a nail gun, and cut out a window with a hack saw.


Watch for more Let's Get Started projects from Curtis Lumber every Friday.

Need some help getting started or finishing your own project? We want to help with a gift card from Curtis Lumber.

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