It's Week 4 of Let's Get Started with Curtis Lumber! With Polly feeling under the weather, Carl took the reins causing chaos at Micah Crewell's construction site in Utica.

Micah is the owner of MC Construction & Remodeling. His crew is currently working on an extended garage and outdoor recreation space on this house. Right off of the garage will be a spot perfect for entertaining guests, soon to be fitted with seating, a bar, and maybe a ping pong or foosball table.


According to Micah, the spot to the left of the garage needed to be dug out. The ground wasn't properly draining the water when it would rain, so he needs to dig the dirt up and replace it with something that will. That's where Carl comes in.

Polly will be super jealous because Carl got to use the big toys at the site. He dug a 2-feet deep hole in the ground the length of the garage. It looked fun, but much harder to use the excavator than you'd think. That wasn't all he got to do!


Micah had Carl hop on the roller and go flatten the skid steer tracks around the house. Though he may have almost gotten stuck and backed into the ditch, the ground is at least flatter than it was before!

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With Polly not feeling well, Carl took the reins and caused lots of chaos at Micah's latest job in Utica. The good news, the backyard is flatter than it was before!

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