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Tad Pole

It's another week on the construction tour of our Let's Get Started with Curtis Lumber. Take an inside tour of the new Fitness Mill and Shopping Mall coming to Utica.

The new building being constructed by C2C Construction Solutions, will be much more than just a gym. In addition to being home to the new Fitness Mill, the huge 46-thousand square foot building will also house several stores, a bar, massage therapist, life coach, and even a day car center. When finished the complex will be known as LiveIt Downtown Shopping Mall.

Carbone Athletics at the Fitness Mill will be the center of the building with a huge workout area with machines, free weights, powerlifting equipment, cardio machines; plus four personal trainers. There are three separate rooms for Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, lockers, steam room, sauna, and showers. The gym portion will be surrounded by several businesses, including:

There are twenty-two classes already scheduled once the facility opens as well as Kingwater Chiropractics and Eric Decarlis Fierce Foundation catering to special needs and unique group classes for youths.

The hope is to have the Fitness Mill part open by July 1st with the other stores opening in the following weeks. Take a look inside the construction project below, and if you have a home improvement project you've started, let us help you finish it with a Curtis Lumber gift card. Just fill out he form after the pictures and videos.

Construction of the New Fitness Mill

Let's Get Started with Curtis Lumber - C2C Construction

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