Welcome to Week 5 of Let's Get Started with Curtis Lumber! This week Polly is back and installing a door with Tailored Design & Build on Genesee Street in New Hartford.

Taylor English is the proud owner and leader for the company. They've been in operation for the past 6 years, previously under the name of English Contracting. Taylor made the name change in 2020 and continues to see growing success.


The group is currently working on a project for Universal Bookkeeper, a financial management team focused on handling all of your accounting and consulting needs. The building has been there for forever, but it's time to bring new life back into it.

Taylor and his crew completely gutted and ripped out the interior. Once he was down to the bare bones, he built it back up, bringing a fresh look back to the building. The inside is almost finished, but he says there's still work to do on the outside of the building. Taylor expects the company to be working inside by the end of June.


Check out the project below and watch Polly get her hands dirty (and bloody) installing a door. You can also follow Tailored D+B on Facebook or Instagram to see all his past projects.

Watch for more Let's Get Started projects from Curtis Lumber every Friday.

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Let's Get Started with Tailored Design & Build on Genesee Street

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