Week one of Let's Get Started is officially kicking off with Curtis Lumber. Polly and Carl are visiting the construction site of a new camp in Eaton with Solid Ground Contracting. You wouldn't believe this BEAUTIFUL house is only a camp, it's absolutely stunning.

Aaron Camp, owner of Solid Ground Contracting, is the one leading the charge of the construction project. His son was responsible for designing the nearly three story home, setting the stage for his father and grandfather to execute the rest. You can view his original designs down below.

Solid Ground Contracting
Solid Ground Contracting

This isn't the only property Solid Ground has built on the property. Both houses to the left were also designed and built by Aaron Camp and his family. The house in the middle was the main camping house for the owner, until this new one was constructed. That leaves the single floor, studio to the far left open to guests, or even better, entertainment. The beautiful bathroom, sushi bar, walk-out deck make the studio a perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee or a Polly sized glass of wine.

Polly got to work painting the frames of the windows for Aaron. Luckily for the both of them, she has quite the background in painting. That's not to say she didn't almost leave a streak or two on the window.

Watch for more Let's Get Started projects from Curtis Lumber every Friday.

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Solid Ground - Eaton Camp Construction


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