Whether we turn the clocks back in the Fall or forward in the Spring, it's confusing as to what time it really is and what time it was. It created quite the disagreement that I STILL don't think Tadpole understands.

Sunday morning we officially ended Daylight Savings Time, changing clocks BACK one hour. So when the cat meowed loudly outside our bedroom door to be fed at 6:30am, it was really 5:30am because of the time change.

The problems didn't start until 6:30 at night when I said I was going to bed to read. Tad said it was too early, but when I tried to point out it was 7:30 if we didn't change clocks, he disagreed.

30 minutes of trying every way I could think of to convince him that it WOULD have been one hour AHEAD if we didn't change the clocks BACK, I gave up. Watch the argument in the latest episode of 'Married With Microphones' above and see who's right.

I even had my daughter on my side, but sometimes you can't fix stupid.


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