Pizza can help you lose weight. Wait, what?! Say it isn't so? Tad and I find out in the latest episode of 'Married with Microphones.'

A new study by Men's Health proves having cheat days may help you stick to your diet. So if you are eating healthy, one day of indulgence won't kill you. That doesn't mean you can eat a whole pizza everyday, unless you do it like one New York City chef who lost 100 pounds eating pizza every day for lunch.

The trick is to use healthy ingredients. “My pizza is something that comes from the Mediterranean diet,” says Chef Cozzolino. The homemade Margherita pizza has less than 600 calories and Cozzolino lost over 100 pounds in 7 months.

Tadpole, you can enjoy your favorites ONCE a week, not once a day. And you probably shouldn't double fist it either. That's a good way to help you gain weight, rather than lose it.


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