Coming from a man's point of view this subject may seem a little odd. We're supposed to be the slobs that leave crumbs, never throw anything out and drink from the carton.  Outnumbered 2 -1 in the x's and y's I find it to be completely opposite at our house. See why in the latest episode of 'Married with Microphones.'

No one can ever finish off the chips, drink the last of the milk or eat that last piece of pizza. I've learned to live with it and use it to my advantage. But it all came to a head a couple of nights ago.

I went to adorn my beloved cheeseburger with the customary slice of pickle. If you're familiar with the Stackers Dill Pickles, they're pre-sliced and one covers a sandwich. But what I found stored away in the fridge among the many half-used salad dressings defies description. It wasn't only one, it wasn't even half of one. It can only be described as something that must have fallen of the cucumber in the pickling process.

Maybe it's me. Am I a weak male? Or, do I live with a couple of overzealous females who are stealing my slobbiness?


It's not just at our house. PJ Cacioppo has the same problem. He discovered several bags of snacks with only enough left in each to feed a bird...a really small bird.

PJ Cacioppo