Women will try almost anything to stop the aging process. That's why there's a whole aisle dedicated to women's beauty. The guy's barely get a shelf and it's usually in the hair dye section. Us women have creams, sprays, dyes, masks and some things we've never even heard of. Like these eye patches I got in a gift bag.

I've never seen these things until watching Celebrity Big Brother and noticed one of the celebs using them. So I decided to give them a try. If it can reduce the bags women get under their eyes, why not.

First, they are NOT what you think. They look plastic and I thought they'd be sticky. They're not. They are slimy and feel really weird under your eyes. Like a thin slice of raw fish. And you have to leave them on for 30 minutes.


30 minutes later the bags under my eyes still looked big enough for a flight to Texas. Maybe it was because I had them on upside down. Or maybe it requires using more than once for it to work. I think I'll stick with anti aging creams. You can rub that in and not look like you have fish on your face.

It was all worth it just for the look on my families face when they first saw them. My daughter, who uses the word 'fleek' and is usually hip to the latest trends, looked at me like I grew two heads. Tad wondered how I could spill milk under my eyes.

It could have been worse. These slivers of raw fish could have turned my skin a different color, like this poor girl who says she became a smurf after using a bath bomb. I had blue hair once after a bad dye job but never blue skin. And I could cover my mistake with a hat.

Have you ever had a beauty fail?


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