When you have a long layover at the airport you need to eat. But you also may need to take out a loan. Find out why in the latest episode of 'Married with Microphones.'

Tad & I had three hours between flights at the Washington D.C. airport so we decided to have breakfast. Instead of grabbing something quick, we decided to sit down at a restaurant to eat to kill some time.

The waitress took our drink order before we looked at the menu and when she suggested Bloody Marys we both jumped on it. THEN we looked at the menu. HOLY CRAP! The prices made us both choke but we'd already ordered drinks so we swallowed the bullet and ordered anyway.

All we had was 2 Bloody Marys and 2 breakfast sandwiches. There wasn't anything special about them. It was an egg on wheat toast with cheese and bacon. It wasn't even that great.

The bill came to $60. SIXTY DOLLARS for two sandwiches and 2 drinks, and that's before a tip. That's what you'd normally pay for a dinner that tastes much better than what we were served for breakfast. The Blood Marys were good though. Just not 60 dollars good.


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