Hurricane Florence put a damper on our annual North Carolina vacation, forcing us to evacuate. Take a look a preparation for what's being called the 'storm of a lifetime' in our latest 'Married with Microphones' episode.

Tad and I have been vacationing in Emerald Isle, North Carolina for years. We arrived to beautiful sunshine, warm temperatures and ocean breezes Saturday, September 8th. That quickly changed when Hurricane Florence took direct aim at our beach. We thought we could ride it out. We thought wrong. Florence intensified, causing mandatory evacuations and the closure of the only bridge on and off the island.

As millions were packing up, boarding up and driving out, we waited until the last minute to head inland. We even got in a few cornhole games on the beach the night before we left. (which we won EVERY time) Wise choice. There was next to no traffic to get caught up in when we finally left Wednesday afternoon, September 12th, 12 hours before the bridge closed.

Although we're off the ocean, we're not quite out of danger. Hurricane Florence is so big it's still expected to affect several states inland, including Kinston, North Carolina where we have hunkered down. We stocked up on water, food, adult beverages and toilet paper before all the stores closed in preparation for the storm. We also have several generators if the power goes out.

The rain and winds began in Kinston this morning, September 13th with the brunt of Hurricane Florence expected late tonight and early tomorrow. But we're in a house full of family, which is more important than everything else. The rest is just stuff and can be replaced.

We'll keep you posted on our status and hope everyone in the path stays safe.

Hurricane Florence


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