How hard is it to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher? Is this just a problem in my house or a common occurrence in every household, especially those with kids?

It's not uncommon to walk into our kitchen after a meal and find dirty plates in the sink or on the counter...right BESIDE our dishwasher. How hard is it to open the door and place your dishes in it? It takes all of 20 seconds!

When the dishes finally do make it into the dishwasher by the dirty dishes fairy no one can seem to turn it on. The soap is also right beside the dishwasher to make it convenient. And let's not even start with what happens AFTER the dishes fairy does turn on the dishwasher. The clean dishes sit there for days. Rather than putting the clean dishes away they either get used as needed from the dishwasher or they get cleaned a second time because that's easier than putting them away.

Who needs cupboards? Our dishes just get stored in the dishwasher, dirty or clean.


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