NEVER scare a cat while it's puking. The results are disastrous as you'll see in the latest 'Married with Microphones' episode.

That noise that can wake you from a sound sleep came from my daughter's room. It's similar to the noise a washing machine makes when the cat starts throwing up.

My daughter jumped up to catch the cat before it got sick on her carpet. But rather than diverting a mess on her bedroom floor, she created a bigger one. When she jumped, it scared the cat and he took off, puking and running at the same time.

So instead of a small pile that would be fairly easy and quick to pick up, we were left with a trail throughout the living room that was NOT easy or quick to clean.

Water and vinegar work well on the mess. Scaring a puking cat does not.

Twas Night Before Christmas Poem

Twas weeks before Christmas and all through the house, a mess was being made while Tad slept like a mouse. The cat got sick after having a scare. Leaving a trail of puke everywhere.

Shayna was relaxing in her room on the bed, with visions of Facebook dancing in her head. When suddenly I jumped after hearing her say, the cat is puking on my carpet. No way.

Over in the her room I heard that unmistakable sound, so I ran from the kitchen, dreading what would be found. Puke was spread on all over the floor. It trailed through the living room, to the back door.

We both grabbed towels, to clean up the mess. But the lesson I learned I need to express. Water and vinegar made everything clean, on the biggest disaster I’ve ever seen.

And it would easier, later I see. Let the cat get sick because I promise to thee. Cleaning a pile is much easier than a trail. And I might have a cat up for sale.


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