The ladies showed the guys how it was done on 'American Idol' as the top 10 took on songs from previous Idol winners.  Candice Glover had one of the most memorable performances and received a standing ovation for her performance of 'I Who Have Nothing.'  Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur stuck to their country roots, Angie Miller blew away a Celine Dion song and Amber Holcomb closed the show with Kelly Clarkson's Idol winning song.

The music wasn't the only news of the night.  Nicki Minaj was late, missing the first part of the show.  Apparently she was stuck in traffic.  Really!?  How can you be LATE for a job you get paid millions for.  I have a suggestion Nicki:  leave a little earlier so you're there on time.

As for the performances:

Candice Glover
Candice Glover blew everyone away and had the judges on their feet after her amazing performance of Ben E King's 'I Who Have Nothing.'  Randy Jackson said it was the best of the season so far and Nicki Minaj said the song should be banned from ever being sang again on the Idol stage.  It was THAT good1

Angie Miller
Angie Miller, who's been a fan favorite since the beginning, took on Celion Dion's 'I Surrender.'  I think she'll remain a fan favorite and have no problem sailing through to next week.

Kree Harrison
Kree Harrison stuck to her country roots and put her own spin on Roy Orbison's 'Cryin.''  She was so good Keith Urban said if she made an album, he'd buy it today.

Janelle Arthur
Janelle Arthur took on Montgomery Gentry's 'Gone,' becoming the first girl to sing that song.  She was good, but compared to the other ladies, she was just average.  I doubt she'll go anywhere this week though.  One of the guys will be the hot seat.

Amber Holcomb
Amber Holcomb closed the show with a bang, taking on Kelly Clarkson's winning song, 'A Moment Like This.'  She also received a standing ovation and had Nicki saying it was the best of the night.  I'd say it was the second best, behind Candice.

As for the guys performances, no one really stood out.  A few took on country songs but they didn't do them any justice.

Paul Jolley
Paul Jolley worked on not over singing and being too Broadway, as he took on Lonestar's 'Amazed.'  I liked his performance, but was anything but amazed.

Burnell Taylor
Burnell Taylor went with Ruben Studdard's winning song 'Flying Without Wings.'  He put his Burnell-isms into the song but it wasn't one of his best.  I doubt he'll go anywhere this week though.

Curtis Finch Jr
Curtis Finch Jr opened the show with Fantasia's 'I Believe,' and I believe it was one of his worst performances.  It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either.  His cocky attitude and average performance may land him in trouble this week.

Lazaro Arbos
Lazaro Arbos is lucky he has a big fan base already.  After a lukewarm performance last week, he didn't improve much with Kelly Clarkson's 'Breakaway' this week.

Devin Velez
Devin Velez attempted Carrie Underwood's 'Temporary Home' and may be headed that way after his performance.  It WAS NOT the right song for him and his choice may spell the end for his run on Idol.

Candice Glover 'I Who Have Nothing'

Kree Harrison 'Cryin''

Angie Miller 'I Surrender'

Amber Holcomb 'A Moment Like This'

Janelle Arthur 'Gone'

Paul Jolley 'Amazed'

Watch performances from the Top 10 and tune in to Fox tonight at 8 to see who is sent home.  Last season's winner Phillip Phillips and Bon Jovi will perform.

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