The 'American Idol' Top 7 took on some of rock's most classic songs for  rock and roll week.  Country girls Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur channeled their inner rock stars to impress the judges.

Kree Harrison

Piece of My Heart,' a song also done by Faith Hill.  She put her own bluesy, soulful spin on it, making it Mariah Carey's favorite performance from Kree, despite her injury.  Keith Urban noticed Kree wasn't herself on stage and when he asked about it she said she had a 'pinched nerve' in her back.  Keith complimented Kree on her professionalism.  There's NO WAY Kree is going home this week.

Kree Harrison 'Piece of My Heart'

Janelle Arthur

Janelle countrified Billy Joel's 'You May Be Right,' in her rocked out cowboy boots.  Boots so cool Nicki Minaj stole them to wear for the rest of the show.  The judges were impressed with her voice too but Ryan Seacrest was more concerned about returning the boots.

Ryan Seacrest/Instagram
Ryan Seacrest/Instagram

Janelle Arthur 'You May Be Right'

Janelle, Kree & Amber

The girls teamed up for 'Still Rock & Roll To Me,' impressing all the judges once again.  I doubt any of these girls will go home this week.  Especially after their solo performances.  Amber had the judges singing her praises too for her rendition of Heart's 'What About Love.'  Nicki said it was her favorite performance off the night.

Janelle, Kree & Amber Holcomb 'Still Rock & Roll To Me'

Amber Holcomb 'What About Love'

Candice Glover

Candice Glover also performed injured.  She rocked the house with the Stone's classic 'I Can't Get No Satisfaction,' despite a broken toe.  This was my favorite performance of the night.  Candice also impressed with her duet with Burnell Taylor.  They put their own spin on 'The Letter' by the Box Tops, making the old song sound current.

Candice Glover 'I Can't Get No Satisfaction'

Candice & Burnell Taylor 'The Letter'

Angie Miller closed the show with Evanescence's 'Bring Me to Life.'  It was ok, but I've seen better from Angie. The two remaining boys in the competition may be in trouble tonight. Although I love Burnell, his performance of Bon Jovi's 'You Give Love a Bad Name' paled in comparison to the girls. Lazaro Arbos forgot his word in his duet with Angie Miller. He did a little better with his solo performance of Queen's 'We Are the Champions,' but I don't think it'll be enough to keep him around another week. I think Lazaro's Idol days are done.

Carrie Underwood and Casey James return to the Idol stage to perform before one more is sent home. Tune in to Fox at 8 tonight.  Who do you think will be in trouble of being eliminated?


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