The 'American Idol' Top 9 took on songs of the Fab Four, for Beatles week.  The standout performances of the night came from country girls Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur, early Idol favorites Angie Miller and Candice Miller, and Burnell Taylor.

Kree Harrison

Kree kicked off the night by putting her country flair into 'With a Little Help From My Friends.'  I'm not much of a Beatles fan, (here come the boos) and thought it was just the theme song to Wonder Years.  I had no idea it was The Beatles.  I loved Kree's version of what Keith Urban said was his 'favorite Beatles song,' and will be excited to see what she sings next week.

Burnell Taylor

Burnell blew everyone away with the iconic 'Let it Be;' a song I've even heard before.  What was even more impressive than his performance was, Burnell had NEVER heard Keith Urban's 'favorite song.'  Burnell won't be going anywhere this week either.

Candice Glover

Candice channeled her inner rocker for 'Come Together.'  The judges were together on how good her performance was and Keith even mentioned it was his 'favorite Beatles song.'  I hear a theme here.  We'll see Candice again next week.

Angie Miller

Angie brought out the emotion and slowed things down with 'Yesterday.'  Her touching rendition of Keith Urban's 'favorite song' will have her sailing through to next week.  And if Twitter can predict who will win, Angie has the most followers this year.  Phillip Phillips had the most last season and he went on to win.

Janelle Arthur

Country girl Janelle Arthur closed the show with a song I'd never heard before called 'I Will.'  The judges loved it, saying it was one of the best of the night and Keith joking said it too was his 'favorite Beatles song.'  I wasn't as impressed and it could be because the song was unfamiliar to me.  That being said, I doubt she'll be sent home.  Fans love country Idols.

Elimination Trouble

Amber Holcomb's song choice hurt her.  Her performance of 'She's Leaving Home' had me leaving the TV.  It was sloooow and borrrrrring. Despite her less than stellar performance, I think she'll be safe.
Country hopeful Paul Jolley went pop with 'Eleanor Rigby' but missed the mark.  Another slow and boring performance.
Lazaro Arbos, who was an early favorite, seems to be sliding backwards. His performance of 'In My Life' seemed to be in the wrong key according the judges and could land him in the bottom two this week.
Devin Velez, who was in the bottom two last week, may find himself in a similar position after his lackluster performance of 'The Long & Winding Road.'

Kree Harrison 'With a Little Help From My Friends.'

Burnell Taylor 'Let it Be'

Candice Glover 'Come Together'

Angie Miller 'Yesterday'

Janelle Arthur 'I Will'

Tune in to Fox tonight at 8 to see who'll be sent home.  Who do you think it'll be?  My gut is saying Devin, since he was in the bottom two.  But if Twitter and the number of followers are any indication, Amber is the at the bottom of the list.

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