Garth Brooks still has it. In this episode of 'Married With Microphones,' Tad and I had the opportunity to go to Buffalo for the Garth show, a moment I've waited years for.

The last time we saw Garth was in Syracuse in the mid 90s. Seeing him again has been on my bucket list for years and he did not disappoint. Despite being a bit older, Garth still has the same energy, running all over the stage, performing to every corner of the stadium, singing all his classics for almost two and a half hours.

We were lucky enough to meet Garth. Like his concert, Garth does it different than anyone else. Normally for a meet & greet, you'd be herded into a room with a hundred other people. You'd have just enough time to introduce yourself, turn and smile for the professional photographer they have taking the pictures and it's on to the next person. When we walked into the room, no one was there. Moments later, in walked Garth AND Trisha Yearwood, and I was speechless. Despite being nervous meeting the guy who introduced me to country music, the conversation flowed like seeing an old friend again. Both were so down to earth and among the friendliest people I've met. Garth even remembered the Syracuse show. I can't remember what I had for breakfast two days ago, yet Garth can remember 18 years ago.

Before leaving with a bag full of goodies from Garth and Trisha, including t-shirts, hats, CD's and a can coozie, Garth posed for pictures, including a selfie. Who does that! Trisha was even giving pointers on how to take the best shot.


What other artist can leave the music business for 18 years and come back like he'd never left. Just watch Garth own this sell out crowd. All he had to do was point and they'd cheer louder then any other crowd I've ever heard.

As we were leaving the show, Garth and Trisha were getting ready to do it all over again for the 10:30 show. The Buffalo stop had 6 shows in total. 1 on Thursday, 2 on Friday and Saturday and 1 on Sunday. I wonder if he sleeps all day Monday.

If Garth returns to New York for another show, you don't want to miss it! It's worth every penny and will be one of the best you've seen in years.

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