Fools Golf. It's the event Tad & I wait all year for. In this episode of 'Married with Microphones'  we play 18 holes in the middle of the woods. It's also the time of year you realize how out of shape you really are from sitting around all Winter.

The heavy breathing didn't begin until three swings to hit the ball up a hill, followed by 3 hand tosses. Twice I tried throwing the ball up the hill and twice it hit a tree and came back to where I was standing. After finally getting the ball up the hill, you had to get yourself up there too. It was a workout.

The workout is worth it because inside each 5 gallon bucket, that you have to hit with your golf ball to end the hole, is iced down beer.

The blood isn't from golfing, although it felt like it. This year's theme was 80s and Luke Austin went as Mike Meyers from Halloween. Tad & I were his victims.

This was Luke's first year playing Fools Golf and he seemed to play better from the harder locations. He was the only one to actually hit it out of this hole. Everyone else just tossed it out.


Luckily there were no close calls this year. Last year a ball missed hitting me by inches. This year I stood WAY back from any golfers.

2016 Fools Golf

The first year it was sunny, warmer and a lot drier. But one Fool's golfer didn't hit out of the water and back and forth as many times this year.

2015 Fools Golf

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