It's probably not a surprise to anyone but chocolate is the preferred Halloween treat again this year. The National Confectioners Association conducted a national survey of Halloween goodies and found that 72% of respondents preferred chocolate. What were the runners up?

   Candy corn
Gummy candy
Chewy candy
Hard candy
Gum and mints

There were some other fascinating findings from the survey.

 --Eighty-one percent of parents surveyed say that they take candy from their children’s Halloween candy haul for their own enjoyment
-- 65 percent of homes will allow one or two pieces at a a time per child.
--There is a right way to eat candy corn. Forty-seven percent think it’s popping the whole piece at once, followed by forty three percent who believe starting with the narrow white end is best. Only ten percent prefer to start with the wider yellow end

We don't have any trick or treaters left at home but that doesn't mean we can't sample the goods---to make sure they're safe, of course--before we hand them out.
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