American Idol headed to the Windy City as auditions continued for the two night premiere.  A number of singers stood out in Chicago and one even got Keith Urban to sing with her.  One of my favorite moments on the episode. The best moment actually came Lazoro Arbos, the last audition of the night.


-Lazaro Arbos has a severe stutter but when he opened his mouth to sing 'Bridge Over Trouble Waters,' he left the judges in awe. He sails through to Hollywood.
-Isabelle Parell took us back to Christmas with 'Baby It's Cold Outside,' a song she convinced Keith Urban to sing with her.  Thank you Isabelle!
-Brandy Neelt blew everyone away with her amazing version of Hank Williams' 'You're Cheatin' Heart'
-MacKenzie Wasner has music in her bones.  Her father plays piano for Vince Gill and MacKenzie has been invited to sing with Vince a time or two.  After singing 'Whenever You Come Around,' Keith compared her to a mix of Dolly Parton and Leann Womack.
-Stephanie Schimel was decribed as a cross between Carrie Underwood and Gwen Stefani after singing 'Dream a Little Dream'
-Kez Ban was the most surprising and interesting moment of the night. The fire thrower didn't look the part, but her original song and great vocals landed her a golden ticket.
-Curtis Finch Jr. brought tears to both Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey's eyes with his soulful version of 'God is Able.'
-Johnny Keyser is an Idol alum.  He made it through to Hollywood once again.  Lets hope he can make it further this year.  He's got a voice that's easy on the eyes and looks that are easy on the eyes.

Watch their auditions below and to find out who makes it from the Chicago auditions, click on the American Idol Spoiler Top 40.

American Idol returns next Wednesday when the judges head to South Carolina.

Lazaro Arbos 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'

Isabelle Parell 'It's Cold Outside'

Brandy Neelt 'You're Cheatin' Heart'

MacKenzie Wasner 'Whenever You Come Around'

Stephanie Schimel 'Dream A Little Dream'

Kez Ban 'Original Song'

Curtis Finch Jr 'God Is Able'

Johnny Keyser 'Try a Little Tenderness'