The Color Blue May Improve Your Creativty
We all want to do our best on the job or at school, and now a new study reveals that certain colors may increase creativity and performance. As for the Big Frog 104 studio, I really don't know what color the walls are as most of the space is covered with country artists' posters!
Who Drinks The Most Coffee On The Job?
At Big Frog 104, the coffee is always flowing. We radio people seem to consume coffee by the vat! A new study has ranked the top 10 professions who drink the most java. And if coffee, lattes, or cappuccino start your day, make sure you enter our "What Are You Drinkin'?" contest by clicking…
How Do You Spend Your Leisure Time?
How do you spend your leisure time?  "What leisure time"?, you answer. We're all working longer hours and have busy schedules with kids' soccer games, home fix-ups and more. The little leisure time that we've carved out in the Greg "Splashin" McShea household is probably spent wa…
What Kind Of Driver Are You?
During the "Frog Days Of Summer", we may be driving a bit more with vacations, day trips and other destinations. I suppose that we all think we're great drivers. Now, a new study shows what kind of drivers there are out there on the highway.
Mustache = More Money
Ok guys, here's one to think about. A new study indicates that men who sport mustaches may make more money. Don't tell that to the New York Yankees where all players must be clean shaven.
Do You Believe In UFOs?
If you're like me, you watch all those UFO shows on TV, hoping that maybe one photo, one video or piece of evidence will prove once and for all that we are not alone. Well, I guess you see where I come in on UFOs...I believe in them. Now new research has more statistics on how people feel about…
What’s Your Favorite Chocolate Candy?
We all have our favorite chocolate candy, and there are a lot of good ones to choose from. As for me? I don't eat chocolate candy bars; not that I'm a health nut, but I prefer salty snacks to candy. Now, a new survey has the top 10 favorite chocolate candy.
One Third Of Us Take A Daily Nap
Many of us take a nap now and then, and a new study has the facts. According to a recent Pew Research Center Study reported on, 34 percent of Americans admitted that they took a nap during the past 24 hours.
Plant A Tree, Prevent A Crime
We've known for years that trees are good for the world. They provide shade, home for birds, release oxygen into the atmosphere and make for more attractive neighborhoods. Now, a new study by the U.S. Forest Service indicates that trees may deter burglars.
What’s The Most Popular Dog Breed?
The Greg "Splashin'" McShea family loves dogs, and I'm sure most of you do as well. Some of  us have pure breeds, and some mutts, but they're all great companions, no matter what breed. Now, a  new ranking of the most popular dog breeds is out by the Americ…
Do You Really See Red When You’re Angry?
You know how people say they see red when they're angry, or how some are green with envy? Now, a new study indicates the colors that people associate with happiness. Maybe this information will come in handing if you're planning to paint the kitchen.

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