During the "Frog Days Of Summer", we may be driving a bit more with vacations, day trips and other destinations. I suppose that we all think we're great drivers. Now, a new study shows what kind of drivers there are out there on the highway.

An article on Netscape reported that Allstate Insurance Company surveyed drivers across the country and discovered that each person has a distinct driving personality.

Here are a few driver personalities, based on the study...which one are you?

1. Auto-Bahner (17%) - Fast, agressive drivers who may get angry when someone cuts them off.

2. Auto-Matics (23%) - While they feel they are safe and confident drivers, they tend to be least sure of themselves behind the wheel.

3. Auto-Nomous (21%) - Rugged, Powerful and they enjoy driving.

4. Auto-Pragmatics (15%) - Confident and cautious, and they tend to buy cars that are practical, less expensive and environmentally friendly.

5. Auto-Pilots (15%) - They describe themselves as reliable, confident and family-oriented, usually with children under the age of 18, but they don't particularly enjoy driving.

As for me, I enjoy being a passenger.