Your Favorite TV Personalities In 2012
We all have our favorite TV personalities, whether they be dramatic actors, comedians, news commentators or talk show hosts. A new Harris Poll just released reveals what people said are there favorites, and maybe yours as well.
Love Your Pet Week – This Week
At the Greg "Splashin'" McShea household, we're pet lovers. This is National "Love Your Pet Week", and we know you love their pets every week. So, how about some love-ly pet statistics?
What State Would You Like To Live In?
We all complain about the weather, and maybe say winters are too long and summers are too short in central New York. Ok, no place is perfect, but now there's a new survey that indicates the top 15 states in the U.S. where people would like to live, if they could.
Worst Places For Bad Hair Days
We all have bad hair days, unless you don't have hair. Although women usually talk about bad hair days more than men, guys have them too. Now, a new study by has rated the 10 worst cities for bad hair, based on weather and other conditions.
The Family That Eats Together
Maybe we're spending more time indoors at dinner time during winter, as it's cold outside and still dark at that time. But, even it weather isn't a factor, apparently we Americans are spending more time together around the dinner table at meal time.
Sometimes It Pays To Be Left-Handed
Are you a lefty? Well, it seems like a lot of activities may favor right-handers, but left-handed people enjoy some advantages. According to research conducted by an Australian National University and aired on the BBC, lefties can outdo some of the righties here and there.
The Most And Least Satisfying Jobs
During the "Frog Days of Fall", things may get more hectic at work with the holidays on the way - planning time off, shopping, getting the work name it. And some people may wish they had a more satisfying job (with today's economy, most of us are just glad to have a…
What’s Your Favorite Car Color?
What's your favorite car color? During the "Frog Days of Fall", we are still washing our cars, but come winter my car will be so dirty, I won't be able to tell what color it is! As for me, I buy used cars most of the time, so I don't always get the color I prefer. No…
We’re Not Getting Older, We’re Getting Ruder
At Big Frog 104, we like to put a positive foot forward every day (and sometimes we even put that positive foot in our mouths while on the air- hey, we're human). And when we take calls from you on contests or request hours, you're always pleasant too. A new study during the "Frog Days of Fall&…
The Most Annoying Sounds
Annoying sounds. We're bombarded with them every day, and maybe we just haven't noticed how many we hear (I hope my splash isn't one of them). Now, we have new information on what we consider to be the very most irritating sounds.
Biggest Cities Not Necessarily The Best
When it comes to the best place to live, most of us would say right here in central New York. After all, where else can you enjoy the "Frog Days of Fall" and have a local brewery just down the road? There's a new survey out that indicates that the best cities to live in are no…
You Are What You Ring
We've all been here and there when someone's cell phone rings, and I am sure you've heard some pretty weird rings on those phones. We all have our favorites, but as for me, I just use one of the ring tones already in the phone (I really don't want to go searching and downloading,…