You know how people say they see red when they're angry, or how some are green with envy? Now, a new study indicates the colors that people associate with happiness. Maybe this information will come in handing if you're planning to paint the kitchen.

According to a University of Georgia Study, here are colors that people say they associate with happiness:

Gray - 7% say this color makes them happy

Black - 19% (probably prefer the night life)

White - 61% (goes with anything)

Purple & Red - tied at 64% (probably wine drinkers)

Orange - 75% (Syracuse Orange fans)?


Blue - 80% (People are happy when they see blue? Shouldn't they be blue)?

Yellow - 94% are happy seeing this color (probably thinking of the summer sun)

And, the leading color associated with happiness - Green - 96% of those interviewed felt happiness when they see green (They're going to love St. Patrick's Day)!