Chirp, chirp, chirp. That annoying noise when your smoke detector batteries are low, that always seems to happen at night. So you replace the battery and the chirping stops, right? WRONG! In this episode of 'Married With Microphones' Tad & I spend three hours trying to figure out the problem.

First you have to find which one is chirping. After standing under all of them, I noticed all but one had a green light. That would mean the one that had the red light needed a new battery right? So off to the convenience store I go for a battery. After it was replaced and put back in the ceiling, it STILL chirped.

We then took EVERY detector down, took out all the batteries, turned off the breaker and the chirping continues.

So it was off to the hardware store to buy new ones because one must be defective or old. But when we got home we discovered we brought the wrong ones. Back to the store we go to buy the right ones, to only get home and discover we're one short. It's back to the store a THIRD time to get the last one.


After replacing all the detectors with news one, complete with fully functioning batteries, the chirping continues. WHERE IS IT COMING FROM!

We contemplated going to a hotel so we could get some sleep when Tad finally found an old detector, with dead batteries in a DRAWER!

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