Imagine this: You are in your 20s and you decide to get that awesome tattoo you have always wanted. Think you'll regret it when you're 40? According to CoEd magazine, you'll not only regret the ink, you'll regret a whole list of other things when you get older.

In addition to that regrettable tattoo you get when you're younger, you'll also regret getting body piercings, taking those risque pictures and posting them on the Internet, choosing your best friend's girlfriend over your best friend, not traveling enough, deciding to pick up the habit of smoking and having bad credit. That's all according to CoEd magazine.

But, can you guess the number one most regrettable thing you can do when your younger and wish you could take back when you are in your 40s? The magazine says not spending enough time with your parents is most regrettable.

Ok, so all of you over 40 years old, what is the most regrettable thing you did when you were younger? What's your advise for those 20-somethings out there?

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