Finally The Best Tattoo Shop in CNY Has Been Decided
After weeks of voting and eliminations, there were two tattoo shops left in the final vote for Central New York's 'Best Tattoo Studio 2016.' It came down to Nevermore in Whitesboro and Carmelo's Ink City in Syracuse. After over 6,000 people voted in the final poll, there is a cle…
The Final Vote for CNY's Best Tattoo Studio Begins
After a week of nominations and an intense week of voting, the list of 22 tattoo studios in Central New York has been dwindled down to two. One studio from the Syracuse area and one from the Utica/Rome region remain to take the title of 'The Best Central New York Tattoo Parlor.'
It's Time To Vote For CNYs Best Tattoo Parlor
The relationship between tattoo artist and client is one that can't be matched by many other professions. There is something intimate about trusting a person to mark your body with an image that will last a lifetime. That is why it is no surprise that over 800 people took the time to nominate t…
Nominate Your Favorite Tattoo Parlor for Best in CNY
Do you have a tattoo? Do you have several tattoos? Odds are if you've have one done you have a specific place, and in most cases, a specific artist you always go to. We are looking to find the best tattoo parlor in Central New York. All you have to do is nominate your favorite.
Polly Gets a Tattoo
For anyone who has a tattoo, they know it's an addiction. Once you get one, you want more. I filled my tat itch thanks to Alex at Insanity Tattoo Studio in Rome.
Andy Shares His Story Behind His First Tattoo
When someone decides to get a tattoo, there is usually some special meaning behind it. Whether it honors the loss of a loved one or the birth of a child, this mark that stays with you for life should have some significance to it. It makes it that much more beautiful when there is a deep story behind…
What Will You Regreat When You’re Over-The-Hill?
Imagine this: You are in your 20s and you decide to get that awesome tattoo you have always wanted. Think you'll regret it when you're 40? According to CoEd magazine, you'll not only regret the ink, you'll regret a whole list of other things when you get older.