For anyone who has a tattoo, they know it's an addiction. Once you get one, you want more. I filled my tat itch thanks to Alex at Insanity Tattoo Studio in Rome.

This wasn't my first time getting inked. I have two others, but they were done years ago. Recently I got the itch to get a third and out of the three, which were all done by different tattoo artists, this was by far the least painful. It was also the best looking when it was complete. The details were insane and well worth a little 'pin prick' here and there. Third time really is the charm.

Do you have the itch? See Alex, the man with the lightest tattoo touch at Insanity Tattoo Studio on Turin Road in Rome. He's been inking people for 11 years and after seeing his work, it's easy to tell. Check out his work and get more details at or on Facebook.

Alex will also be at Polly's All Nighter if you want to get inked Friday, February 5th.

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