Tattoos are permanent. That's why they say never to get a lover's name and be careful where you put it. This tattoo covers both taboos.

People get tattoos for different reasons. To honor a loved one. To remember an significant time in their life. Or even just for fun. What you get is just as important as where you put it. Arms, ankles and the back are popular spots to be inked. The face, not so much.

My best friend's son recently got a tattoo that had me calling her to make sure she hasn't killed him. First, he put it on his NECK! There's no hiding that. Second, the roman numerals surely have significant meaning right? They must be his kid's birthdates. Nope. Her son is engaged to a girl he's been dating three months and the tattoo is the date they met.

I sure hope everything works out or that regretful tattoo will stare back at him every time he looks in the mirror. That or he'll have to wear a turtleneck forever and he lives in the south.

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Christy Cagle
Christy Cagle


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