Hurricane Jose may have not directly hit the North Carolina coast but it still caused problems. The high winds brought high waves to Emerald Isle beach where several sea turtle nests were hatching. In this episode of 'Married with Microphones,' we watch volunteers scramble to save hundreds of baby turtles from drowning.

During our North Carolina vacation this year, several turtle nests were getting ready to hatch on the beach outside our rental. The Emerald Isle Sea Turtle Patrol sat near the nests, watching and waiting, 24 hours a day.

The first nest we saw hatch was during high tide with waves crashing into the baby turtles home. As volunteers scooped out water, others scooped out newborns by the handfuls.

The volunteers saved around 80 sea turtles that were let out into the ocean after the tide went down.

Unfortunately we missed the second nest hatching at midnight. But one of the volunteers took a picture under red light because white light blinds the sea turtles.

Cherie Burshem

Sea Turtles can hatch anytime after day 50 and usually anytime after sunset. You'll see sand craters but the sea turtles can take 3 to 5 days to come out of the sand. Anywhere from 80 to 125 sea turtles come from each nest. Thank you to Cheri Burshem and the volunteers who worked hard to make sure every sea turtle found their way from the nest, high on the beach, to the ocean.

What a wonderful, unique experience that made our annual North Carolina vacation a memorable one. It even trumped the whale we saw playing in the ocean off the beach one day.

Kelly Lynn Photography

The whale photobombed a family getting professional pictures on the beach. But it wasn't the first to photobomb. Thanks to Jackie, Ryan and Maddy who was more interested in what 2 strangers were doing than looking at the camera, for letting us photobomb your family portrait. Kelly Lynn Photography captured the moment perfectly.

Kelly Lynn Photographer

If Sea turtles hatching, whales playing and a photobomb weren't enough, we experienced dolphins swimming by daily, lots of sun, adult beverages and cornhole. What more could you ask for on vacation?