Tom and Chris Hogan rocked their beer gut with Trailer Choir at FrogFest. The twin brothers, who have down syndrome, were invited on stage to sing along to 'Rockin' the Beer Gut.' They not only sang every word, one even did the worm with Big Vinny and took over Butter's microphone for most of the song.

Trailer Choir knows it's the fans that bless them with the opportunity to do what they love  and had no problems stepping aside and letting the brothers stand in the spotlight.

The Hogan's did more than stand. They danced into everyone's hearts before hugging every member of the band and leaving to thundering applause. "That might be my favorite memory we ever made," Vinny said after the boys walked off stage.

The Cooperstown twins brothers have come to FrogFest for years and just celebrated their birthday a few days before FrogFest. Happy belated birthday boys.

It was a special moment but hard to tell who it meant more to. The Hogan brother or Trailer Choir.

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