Congratulations to Trailer Choir's Big Vinny who is engaged. He dropped to one knee on stage at a concert in Ft Meyers Florida and Jenny Goforth said yes.

Vinny says he's been planning the proposal for while. "I've been holding the ring for two months trying to find the right time. Last year we went on our first trip together. I thought it would be the perfect time to ask her at the same place a year later."

How did Vinny keep a secret that long? "I hid it really well. Plus she's only 4 foot 11 so I just put it on top of the refrigerator," jokes Vinny.

Jenny Goforth
Jenny Goforth

The plan was to ask Jenny earlier but Vinny says he ran into a snag with the ring. "I wanted a custom ring made with a blue diamond and treble clefs holding it together but it was doing to take 3-6 months to make. I ended up finding the right ring with a 1 carat blue diamond with a half carat of diamonds around it. It's got an infinity symbol that looks like a treble clef."

Jenny surprised by the proposal even thought she'd been hinting about marriage for awhile. "For the last few weeks she's been 'I thought we were going to get married this Summer.' I was like 'let's just take our time. We both just got divorced over a year ago.' She was getting upset," explains Vinny.

When's the big day? Vinny say it won't be up to him. "I did my part which is asking and the rest is up to her. If she wants to do it today we'll go to Vegas. If she wants to wait 5 months and put something together to have everyone there I'm cool with that."

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