Since appearing on the Biggest Loser, Trailer Choir's Big Vinny is careful about what he puts in his body; from food to alcohol. He recently broke his foot during a concert and needed surgery. Before going under the knife, he was given drugs for the first time and the results are hilarious!

The pre-surgery drugs had Vinny thinking his shower cap was a new fashion statement.

Pre-Surgery Drugs

Pre surgery lol got the first set of feel good stuff in me

Posted by Trailer Choir on Monday, July 6, 2015

After surgery Vinny was still a little groggy but promised to still make Trailer Choir's show in Florida. At that moment he probably didn't even know where Florida was.

Post Surgery

Post surgery lol

Posted by Trailer Choir on Monday, July 6, 2015

Forget the drugs, Vinny doesn't even drink alcohol. This experience was a new one for him and an enjoyment for the rest of us to watch. Get well soon!

Vinny Explains How He Broke His Foot

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