Kids are always trying to negotiate. Whether it's more TV time, bedtime, swimming or just playing outside, they always want a 'couple more minutes.' Trailer Choir's Butter Fortney learned the art of negotiation with his son Tug during a trip to the park.

When it was time for Tug and Butter to leave, the begging began. "We gotta go home," Tug was told but he wanted a "couple more minutes."

Butter tried to be stern about going home, but the last "couple more minutes" with those pleading eyes, had him giving in. What a softie!

What do your kids always ask a "couple more minutes" for?

When I was a kid I remember riding a roller coaster with my father over and over. After the 3rd time around, he finally said I'd had enough. When our daughter was younger it was playing outside. She'd leave in the morning and wouldn't come in til the street lights came on.

Trailer Choir is currently touring and promoting their new single 'Ice Cold Summer.' They'll be in Alex Bay September 11th for the Clayton Country Jam.

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