One half of Trailer Choir, "Big Vinny" Hickerson, is now a dad! He and wife Jenny welcomed a baby boy, Jagger James Van-Zant Hickerson, into the world on Sept. 12.

The "proud poppa" posted a photo of Mom holding baby Jagger on Instagram after his birth, for which Jenny ended up being induced due to his increasing size. Hickerson noted in an earlier post Jagger had grown too "Big" for Jenny to carry any longer, saying the impending birth was the proudest moment of his life. It’s the couple’s first baby together. (And for those wondering, yes, Jagger has his own Instagram page already.)

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Big Vinny has posted a couple other adorable photos with his son and his wife since then, already dubbing him “Daddy’s boy” and raising him right by introducing him to Alan Jackson. Hickerson has been thrilled since Day 1 about being a dad, especially because the couple wasn’t sure if it would be possible for them.

“I’m so excited to be having a baby. I’m only 33, and she’s 35, but we were wondering if we’d be able to even have kids,” he tells the Boot. “She’s done body-building and is in super-good shape, [but] doctors told her it would be hard for her to get pregnant, so we didn’t know.”

With that in mind, they didn’t put themselves on a timeline, taking more of an “if it happens, it happens,” approach, he said. And well, it happened.

“Sure enough, it was exactly one month to the day after we got married that the baby was conceived,” he adds, laughing. “I guess the doctors weren’t quite as accurate as they thought they were!”

Hickerson was a part of the cast of Biggest Loser in 2011 and now works as a fitness enthusiast and inspirational speaker in addition to his work with Trailer Choir. His wife is also a fitness coach and body-builder.

Trailer Choir released “Ice Cold Summer” in 2016 but have been taking it easy since then. They played a festival called Music on the Mulberry this summer in addition to some solo performances and speaking appearances for Hickerson.

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