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Biggest Loser Lies
Is The Biggest Loser the biggest lie? Several former contestants are making accusations against the show, telling the New York Post they were given illegal weight loss drugs and told to starving themselves. But Big Vinny says that's the lie.
Kid Negotiations
Kids are always trying to negotiate. Whether it's more TV time, bedtime, swimming or just playing outside, they always want a 'couple more minutes.' Trailer Choir's Butter Fortney learned the art of negotiation with his son Tug during a trip to the park.
EXclusive: Big Vinny Is Single
Trailer Choir's Big Vinny has a new lease on life since losing almost 250 pounds on The Biggest Loser, but the changes are coming with a price. He and his significant other Lori Diaz have gone their separate ways. We sat down with Vinny for an exclusive interview to discuss the split and what the future holds.
How Vinny Broke His Foot
The show must go on and no one knows that better than Trailer Choir's Big Vinny, who broke his foot while dancing on stage at a show in Arkansas. He stepped in a hole he didn't see and heard it pop. But that didn't stop him. Not only did Vinny finish the show, he came back for THREE encores and even stayed after the show to take pictures and sign autographs.
Fans Rock Beer Gut on Stage
Tom and Chris Hogan rocked their beer gut with Trailer Choir at FrogFest. The twin brothers, who have down syndrome, were invited on stage to sing along to 'Rockin' the Beer Gut.' They not only sang every word, one even did the worm with Big Vinny and took over Butter's microphone for most of the song.
Who Are You Most Excited To See At FrogFest
It's a jam packed year for entertainment at FrogFest this year. Jerrod Niemann will headline the show June 13th at Herkimer County Fairgrounds, presented by Whites Farm Supply. Who are you most looking forward to seeing?
FrogFest Favorites Trailer Choir Rock Out with 78-Year-Old Man [Video]
There are a number of reasons why Trailer Choir is our FrogFest favorite! One of the biggest reasons is their kindness and willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure a great time. Not only have they done a number of things to help us out during FrogFest, but they also do a lot all across the country to thank their fans. Most recently, they brought a 78-year-old man on stage to jam out with them

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