Is 13-year-old Rion Paige the next Carrie Underwood? Simon Cowell thinks so, after she blew everyone away at her 'X-Factor' audition during the season premiere.

Rion (pronounced Ryan) was born with athrogryposis multiplex congenita , a rare joint condition that affects her hands. She's almost permanently blind in her right eye. Despite her challenges, she doesn't let it stop her reaching her dreams.  Paige doesn't want anyone's pity or anyone to think she's any different.

But Rion IS different.  She's a budding star that received a standing ovation after singing Underwood's 'Blown Away,' and left Simon saying 'I think you're literally extraordinary. I remember the day I met Carrie Underwood and I remember predicting this girl was going to go on and do special things.  I'm going to say the same about you. I'm going to remember this audition for a long, long time. In every single way, you are a beautiful person.'  Simon was right about Carrie and I hope he's right about Rion too.

Carrie was even moved enough to tweet about Rion's talent.

Rion is also blown away by the support she's already seeing, despite being new to the Twitter world.



Keep an eye on Rion. I predict she'll go far on the X-Factor and in the country music world. Move over Taylor Swift, there's a new teen sensation coming to town and it looks like she's actually country!

The other standout of the night was Rochester NY native Lille McCloud, who blew everyone away when she revealed she was 54-years-old.


Lilly who grew up in Rochester, but now lives in Orlando, Florida sang an unfamiliar song by Cece Winans called 'Alabaster Box' and had everyone on their feet.

The 'X-Factor' continues tonight for the 2 night premiere. Tune in to Fox at 8.