Carly Rose and Tate Stevens are the favorites on the X-Factor.  They took the top two spots as two more were sent home last night.  After being #1 for the past two weeks, Carly fell to 2nd place, while Tate moved into the top spot. 

Cece Frey was the first to be let go.  Thank God!  I thought she should have been sent home weeks ago.  It then came down to Fifth Harmony and Diamond White in the bottom two.  After they each sang, it came down to Demi to pick which act was going home.  After much deliberation, she went with Diamond.  A decision, yet again, I disagreed with.  Especially after their final songs.  Fifth Harmony was anything but in harmony.  Listen and judge for yourself who should have went home.

Melanie Amaro, last year's X-Factor winner debuted her new single 'Long Distance' on last night's show.

Top 4 Rank Order
4. Fifth Harmony
3. Emblem3
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
1. Tate Stevens

The semi-finals begin Wednesday night at 8 on Fox.