David Gray didn't appear on the X-Factor for his singing abilities.  Although he 'tried' to sing, and failed miserably, he was really there to surprise his girlfriend Lauren Waguespack. After her audition, David dropped to one knee and proposed, much to the dismay of all the women in the audience. 'It doesn't matter what anybody thinks.  What the judges think. I love you forever and I'll support you in anything you do. Lauren Waguespack, will you marry me.'

The X-Factor judges didn't vote her through, but at least she got one yes.  Her own.

Rion Paige Called the Next Carrie Underwood on X-Factor

Is 13-year-old Rion Paige the next Carrie Underwood ? Simon Cowell thinks so, after she blew everyone away at her 'X-Factor ' audition during the season premiere. Rion (pronounced Ryan) was born with athrogryposis multiplex congenita , a rare joint condition that affects her hands. She's almost permanently blind in her right eye.