It's down to the Top 6 on The X-Factor as two more were sent home in a surprise elimination.

Paige Thomas was the first to go, which wasn't expected after the praise she received on her performance the night before.  Then it came down to Diamond White and Vino Alan in the bottom two, singing for their safety.  Vino has been in the #3 spot for weeks, so it was shocking to see him fall to the bottom.   Even more shocking when the judges sent him home over Diamond.

Vino's soulful voice was like no other in the competition and I was sure his uniqueness would keep him around. I was also sure Cece Frey would be going home.  She's gotten on my nerves since the auditions and I can't believe she's still around.

The good new is, Carly Rose, once again came out on top as the viewers favorite.  Tate Stevens followed closely behind at #2.

Paige Thomas Exit Interview

Vino Alan Exit Interview

The Top 6 return next Wednesday at 8pm on Fox to sing songs the viewers choose.