There are still good people in the world and a lot of them live in central New York. Here's proof with the best random acts of kindness from 2017.

You're never too young to know it's better to give than receive. 3 year-old Isabella helped hundreds of kids in Rome with her Toy Drive this year. The Isabella & Friends Toy Drive brought in 747 gifts for kids in Rome.

A Whitesboro athlete proved sportsmanship is more important than whether you win or lose. Whitesboro Warriors JV soccer team captain Alex Nofri helped an injured New Hartford Spartans player, his rival, off of the field. "Seeing this brought us all to tears," says Alex's mom Heather Cole.

Tom Stepanowicz

The Can-Man collects bottles and cans for cancer. This Summer Laurence Segal attempted to break the world record, collecting 1 million cans and bottle for breast cancer research.

Landen Smith suffers from a rare condition called XIAP deficiency, and has been traveling back and forth to Cincinnati for treatments. He's become a Reds fan and thanks to Sherrill Police Chief Rob Drake, Landen had a special day at the park.

Rebecca Shedd

Two girls turned lemonade into relief for the four legged victims of Hurricane Harvey. Zowie Getti and her cousin Amelia Guarascio set up a lemonade stand in Chadwicks to benefit the animals in Texas and the customers lined up to help. The girls raised over $200.

Jess Marie

Shaun Brennan of New Hartford had to be rescued after his vehicle was caught in the arterial flooding in July. Thanks to the Utica Police and Fire departments for their hard work and rescues during the Summer flooding.

Utica arterial flooding (credit: Brennan family)

7 year-old Paytin Synakowski of Poland saved up for a trip to Disney in Florida but it was put on hold so she can help other kids instead. Paytin used her Disney funds to buy school supplies for students at her school, West Canada Valley and Poland as well as kids in the hospital.

Karma Little is the little girl fighting cancer who asked for police patches for her birthday. We put out her plea and the patches that poured in from around the world were overwhelming.

Bobby received a makeover thanks to the kindness of officers at the Rome Police Department. They provided Bobby with a haircut, a shave, a shower and a whole new wardrobe of donated clothing.

Rome Police Department

A New Hartford teen became a hero after saving his mother's life. Tammy Kilborne suffered a seizure while driving and her son Gage kept his cool to come to her rescue.

16 year-old Virginia Davis was born without fingers on her right hand. Although she doesn't let it stop her she dreamed of doing more. A Whitesboro high school teacher helped make her dream become a reality. Mr. Jensen, better known as Mr. J to his students at Whitesboro high school used his free time to create a prosthetic hand.