What kid doesn't want to go to Disney? 7 year-old Paytin Synakowski of Poland has been saving up in her piggy bank for the Florida trip but it's been put on hold so she can help other kids instead.

Paytin used her Disney funds to buy school supplies for students at her school, West Canada Valley and Poland as well as kids in the hospital. "I also got money by holding a bake sale and collecting bottles and cans," says Paytin.

Enough money was raised to help 32 kids with everything they'll need to go back to school in the fall, a project Paytin says is more important than going to Disney. "I decided why shouldn't I do that. It's more fun to think of other people. I can go to Disney anytime."

The second grader only has one word to describe how it feels to give back. "Awesome."

Want to help and feel awesome too? You can drop off cans, bottles or supplies to at 7416 West Street in Poland. If you have any questions you can call Paytin's mom Tracy at 315-845-1578 or visit her Facebook page.

That's a 'Lovin Moment' if I've ever heard one. Although we can't help send her to Disney, we can reward her random act of kindness with a $50 McDonald's gift card.

Do you know someone who has done a good deed or random act of kindness? Share your ‘Lovin’ Moment’ and we’ll show you a “Little Lovin” by putting you into a drawing to win a $50 McDonald’s gift card each month.


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