The Can-Man wants to set a world record and needs your help. Laurence Segal collects bottles and cans to end breast cancer and he wants to get 1 million in one day at the largest bottle and can drive.

Segal started collecting bottles and cans for breast cancer research when he worked with the Syracuse Chiefs in 2011. "I just noticed all the bottles and cans going in the garbage. I've done over $50,000 for the Carol Baldwin fund, another $20 for the American Cancer Society and we're going to be at almost 2 million bottles."

Breast Cancer has touched Segal's family with his mom going through it in 87 and having a double mastectomy. "I've had multiple members of my family go through it. My aunts, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, my cousins."

Segal, who grew up in Syracuse, moved to L.A and got a job on the Price is Right where his life changed on September 10, 2001. "My best friend Rod Roddy was diagnosed with colon cancer. After that he was diagnosed with prostate and breast cancer. He ended up passing away October 27, 2003. Now almost 14 days later, in one day on I'm going to seek my revenge on cancer."

That day is October 28, which happens to be National Make a Difference Day, the largest bottle and can drive will be held in the pink parking lot at Destiny USA. All proceeds will help the Upstate Cancer Center, American Cancer Society, and the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund of CNY. "When my family died from cancer they told me there was no money for cancer research in Syracuse. I got sick of hearing that. Now I jump in dumpster because bottles and cans go in the garbage all over central New York everyday. When in fact they can help people battling cancer. I find it unacceptable it tell people there's no money for cancer research. There's plenty of money if people want there to be. It's only laziness and apathy that prevent us from raising money."

If you can't make it to the World's Largest Bottle & Can Drive October 28th you can drop off your cans & bottles at Bottles End at 101 Montrose Avenue in Solvay.


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