Tis the season to spread Christmas cheer in CNY. Jessica Fahey and Alissa Finnerty are extremely happy and thankful for one secret Santa gift they got.

Jessica and Alissa Finnerty had their hearts set on a Christmas tree they saw in Syracuse back in October. They were promised by the store that they could have the floor model if they came back on Black Friday. That's when this story turned for the worst:

So we went back and it was sold... We were so upset and angry over this cause that's the tree we've wanted since we got together.... "

However, they weren't expecting what to happen next:

Someone we didn't know came knocking on our door with a Santa hat on and a huge holiday bag (wrapping bag) and a card.... All she said was "Alissa and Jess?" We answered and she said "I have a special delivery for you" handed us this huge present and walked away.... Whoever you are thank you so much! We absolutely love it! And are back in the Christmas spirit."

We truly have amazing angels in Central New York right?



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