A Whitesboro athlete proved sportsmanship is more important than whether you win or lose.

Whitesboro Warriors JV soccer team captain Alex Nofri helped an injured New Hartford Spartans player, his rival, off of the field. "Seeing this brought us all to tears," says Alex's mom Heather Cole.

Tom Stepanowicz
Tom Stepanowicz

"This right here is what great sportsmanship looks like," says ‎Renée Fanelli Demma who was in the crowd‎. "Nofri reached out his hand to help the injured player up and when the New Hartford player could not walk unassisted over to his bench, he put his arm around the player and walked him off the field over to the Spartans team bench. There wasn't a mom on the sidelines with a dry eye."

The players were rival and strangers. "Alex didn't even know this boy and there was a very difficult game going on," says Cole. "Alex stood by his side until the ref blew his whistle. What an overwhelming feeling."

Norfri is the Whitesboro Warriors JV team captain and the definition of a true leader. "We are incredibly proud of him showing leadership as a captain," says Cole. "We are most proud Alex was able to recognize it's more than a game even when your playing your rivals."


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