Two girls turned lemonade into relief for the four legged victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Zowie Getti and her cousin Amelia Guarascio set up a lemonade stand in Chadwicks on Saturday, September 9th to benefit the animals in Texas and the customers lined up to help.

The lemonade stand was an idea Zowie and Amelia came up with together. "We just wanted to help people in need," says Zowie. "We saw all the flooding and it made us heartbroken that people were losing their homes and clothing as well as losing people."

"I can't even put into words how proud of these girls I am," says Zowie's bonus mom Jess Marie. "They stood in the cold accepting any donations that came our way."

Zowie and Amelia served lemonade and homemade cookies, asking only for donations. Not only did cash donations roll in, Jess says people gave food and clothing as well. "My trunk is packed full with tons of animal food and 5 big bags of clothing."

The girls helped raise over $200 to help the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. "I've grown up with animals all my life and I always thought that when an animal gets hurt, I should help them," says Zowie. "And people were already helping people," added Amelia.


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