Week three of Let's Get Started with Curtis Lumber has Tad and Polly visiting the a church under construction with Solid Ground Contracting. And no the roof didn't fall in, and even more amazing Polly drove an Excavator, Skid Steer, other construction equipment and walked on stilts and no-one was injured. Check out the pictures and videos.

If you have driven Route 20 out of Madison toward Bouckville the building site sits on the right. The Resurrection Life Fellowship broke ground on the church in 2016. Aaron Camp, owner of Solid Ground Contracting is spearheading the construction project that is really a family affair. His father, who has been Senior Pastor of RLF for more than 25 years, was on his hands and knees sanding window frames when we arrived. And we were greeted by his Aaron's son in the parking lot.

As the name suggests, RLF is about fellowship. The entryway into the building will eventually house a coffee bar where people can meet prior to church or anytime to discuss business or pleasure. A commercial kitchen is also in the plans enabling the facility to host weddings, receptions, and other social gatherings. The building is enormous and would have no trouble following any distancing guidelines in the future.

Aaron is a class act with a great sense of humor. His plan for our visit wasn't about promoting his contracting business or the church. It was about putting Polly through the paces of a typical day in the contracting business. Check out the video and photos below as Polly digs with an excavator, attempts to level ground with a skid steer, operates a scissor lift and walks on stilts. She also did a little muddin' as they finished drywall. Thanks to everyone for providing us a fun, entertaining, and educational day.

RLF Church Construction in Madison, NY

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