When life handed Ryan Uebele of Remsen lemons, he made lemonade. Despite not being able to eat, see or talk, Ryan kept smiling, making him our Holiday Hero.

Ryan has battled a lot over his 8 years. "No matter what obstacles are thrown his way he never seems to let it slow him down," says mom Lisa Uebele.

When Ryan was born he suffered a severe case of acid reflux and was unable to keep food down. "He would power puke every thing he ate and had to be put on medication," says Lisa. "But he stayed a happy baby."

Talking wasn't easy for Ryan either. "When he was about 1 1/2 he wouldn’t talk. As hard as it is for a parent to see their baby struggling, we got him help."

Seeing became a problem too. "At the age of 3 we were told he was 90 percent blind in his left eye."

Ryan also suffers from ADHD and now sees a speech teacher and an occupational therapist. But he doesn't let any of these setbacks keep him down. "He always has a smile on his face despite everything he's been through."

Ryan's positive attitude through all of lifes hardships makes him a Holiday Hero and we're sending him to see Blake Shelton's Friends & Heroes tour in Albany March 23rd.

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